Best 5 Hair Care Tips For Silky, Smooth, Shiny Hair Tamil | Pantene Oil Replacement Honest Review

Today I’m going to give a very helpful Post For hair care solution. Let’s see what is that?

Friends, in nowadays nobody is taking care of their hair. Due to our bad weather condition our Hair getting much impact.
Because of this issues sometimes we are Facing our hair.
Friends don’t worry about it. I am giving a solution to solve all these problems by a wonderful cream which is called pantene oil replacement.
Many of our viewers asked me about haircare Solution. So I bought this before a week. Just on my experimental result this is giving a wonderful result. Am going to Share my experience here.
To do our regular hair care routine will take much time. This is the One stop solution for your all problems.
This will give Smooth and Nourishment to our hair. Let’s See the benefits of this cream.

Take the quantity as per your hair length. And apply the cream just like the hair oil. After apply the cream just leave your hair for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair using mild shampoo and conditioner.

As a serum:
After the wash you are hair will be wet. Now take a walnut amount of cream and apply on your hair. This will help you to maintain your hair soft and smoother just like a hair serum.

As a conditioner:
Don’t worry In case if you don’t have a time to do hair conditioner, take a small amount of cream and apply on your hair. This will help you to make the hair soft and smooth for the whole day without doing hair wash..

As a stringent cream
If you want to do straighten or blow dry to your hair, you can use this cream for heat protection. Take a walnut amount of cream and apply on your hair before do the hair straighten and blow dry.

As a de-tangler
Many of ours facing hair tangle issue daily. Pantene cream will bring up with a solution for this.
Apply this cream as shown in the video and then comb now.

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Kindly watch the below video for more details and demo. Will meet you in a superb post until then bye

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